Obie One B.A.

Uplifting the Kingdom…One Verse at a Time

Wordsmith. Lyricist. Melodic author of hope; proverbial master of The Word. Years before his art became the call that saved his life, Bahamian-American gospel rap artist Obie One B.A.’s Miami, Florida roots sent him across the world as a military child, ultimately landing him in Norfolk, Virginia – the stomping grounds where the future award-winning artist would sharpen his skills and hone his craft. Being crowned Booker T. Washington High School’s Most Talented in his class and winning the school talent show alongside his best friend not only cemented Obie’s love for the stage, the way audiences clamored for his unique style and professional delivery increased his thirst to perform. Though his musical career wouldn’t be solidified until after briefly detouring to further his education at Norfolk State University, Morehouse College, and Atlanta Metropolitan College (where he completed a degree in business), life in Atlanta strengthened Obie’s love for music…but it’s the passion that would later overtake him, and his message.

The musical road to Damascus…
At its core, Obie’s music has always been more than a cluster of words strung together. The fierce beats
are the caliber awards are made of; however, the message intertwined in the rhythm has always dug
deeper. And the message has always been clear. “I have enjoyed inspiring, motivating, and influencing
people through music,” Obie says. “Through my actions, I try to be an example of love and change, to
inspire our society to show more love and change.” Obie’s pre-Christ days found him rapping to secular audiences as one half of the rap duo FreekieTwinnz Ent., enjoying the highest accolades, multiple contest and award wins, worldwide radio airplay, and thousands of independent CD sales. As the stakes of success grew higher, there was a tug pulling at Obie’s spirit that couldn’t be ignored. Over the course of time, Obie listened intensely to the voice he heard. Suddenly, the attention didn’t mean as much; money from music sales slowly began losing its personal value, and the platform lost its peace. Eventually, Obie would understand that his hunger for success in the music industry wasn’t dwindling – his thirst for God was increasing. Unsettled and dissatisfied with the lingering crossroads, Obie paid more attention to the tug, as it became an audible voice in his harkening spirit. The Call could no longer be denied. It was time to answer.

The more things change…
Days turned into weeks. Weeks into months. Night intermingled with day, and Obie decided it was time
for a major shift. His unexpected hiatus from entertainment proved electrifying not only in the music,
but Obie’s spiritual awakening was ignited. Emerging from the sabbatical fully committed to God beyondthe music, Obie released his first Christ-centered album, These Tracks Lead to a Change, a very public and transparent rededication of his life to Jesus Christ in 2006. The spiritual declaration was followed up by God is Doing Something, Get With It…with former Twinnz partner and longtime friend, Markiss. Together, the talented duo released a CD – Obie & Markiss. Not only did the groundbreaking collection of Christian rap garner the pair recognition with an entirely new audience, it led to a show-stopping appearance on the Television Broadcasting Network’s (TBN) local affiliate in Panama City, FL. That performance proved Obie was headed in the direction God wanted to take his music; it was only upward from there. “I’m most proud of being used by God all over the world to inspire people to be B.A. (born again), and to pray,” Obie says.

In 2007, Obie embarked on a solo career, using his musical influence to spark change, healing, growth
and deliverance – even in wounded souls who do not profess Christianity. Without judgment or
criticism, Obie embraces everyone with the love of Christ that shapes the music he sings. Not only has
God used Obie’s gift to alter the landscape of Christian music as we know it, he has pierced the hearts of those who are willing to hear the message behind the beats. Remaining true to himself and the call on
his life, Obie has this bit of advice for the people he ministers to through his music: “Walk your own
path, pursue your goals, never give up, and pray.” 

Among countless awards and nominations he has received since the start of his career, Obie was most recently nominated for Outstanding Hip-Hop Recording and Outstanding Hip-Hop Vocal Performance Solo at the 2022 Marlin Awards in Nassau, Bahamas. He’s traveled to Freeport, Bahamas to deliver supplies for Hurricane Dorian relief, as well as traveling to Kenya, Taiwan, South Africa, and the late Dr. Myles Munroe’s Youth Alive in Nassau (2009) and numerous other global destinations. The notoriety doesn’t end there: Obie has shared the stage with some of gospel music’s finest, including Canton Jones, Dorothy Norwood, The Pace Sisters, Damita Haddon, Darwin Hobbs, William Murphy and a host of others, never compromising the gift God used to make room for his voice. 

It comes as no surprise that hope, love, and happiness are but a few of the characteristics anchoring Obie’s life-altering, underground sound, while exploring the adversity plaguing the world. Obie’s ability to craft an entire story within the confines of a single song are mind-blowing: from the beginning, listeners are captivated. By the middle, they’re enthralled. And once Obie brings the story (often times his personal testimony) to a close…not only has he drawn them closer to God, he’s pierced their souls.

There’s so much more in store for Obie One B.A. as his career continues to soar. However, one thing
remains at the forefront of his mind: saving souls. Since relocating to Dallas, TX, Obie has been able to
speak and share his gifts at various Texas correctional facilities and prisons, delivering a Sunday message in accordance with music to inspire the inmates. His highly anticipated sophomore album – Pray 4 Me Too, is a collection of 12 songs that motivate and inspire, while giving his supporters more insight to the man behind the faith. Most importantly, Obie and his music take the charge as outlined in The Word itself: Share the love of God, no matter where you are in love. And as Obie says, “If you hear something, question something, or don’t like something that I say or do…talk to God about it, and Pray 4 Me, too!”


Nominated for 3 categories for the TGMEA Texas Gospel Music Excellence Awards (2023)
Texas Male Soloist of the Year
Texas Gospel Rap Artist of the Year
Texas New Artist of the Year

Video of the Year "Pray 4 Me" Winner at DWF Gospel Awards (2023)

Nominated for Two Caribbean Gospel Marlin Awards" for Hip Hop Single. (2022) 

Traveled to Freeport, Bahamas with supplies for the Dorian Hurricane Relief (2019)

Toured the country of Kenya, East Africa with Serv International (2017)

Toured the country of Taiwan. (2014)

Nominated for "2014's C4C Male Holy Hip Hop Artist of the Year" on Crunk For Christ.
Nominated for "2013's Hottest Caribbean Artist" on Atl's Hottest Entertainment Awards.
Nominated for "2013's Hottest Holy Hip-Hop Artist" on Atl's Hottest Gospel Awards.
Nominated for "2012's Hottest Inspirational Artist" on Atl's Hottest Entertainment Awards.
Featured In MARTA's Transit Times September Issue 2011

Toured Swaziland, South Africa with HeartForAfrica.org (2011)

"Best Holy Hip Hop” Nominee” (Top 3 Finalist) Gospel Choice Awards 2010
Performed for TBN/JCTV Summer Jam 2k10 Concert in Decatur, Ga
2010 Golden Image Award- "Seasoned Artist of the Year" PD Flanagan Int'l Student Ministries'
Performed/Hosted at the 2010-2013 Bronner Brothers Hair Shows VIP Lounge

2009 Artist of the Year Award Recipient Resa Mitchell Gospel Report Awards
"Best Holy Hip Hop” Nominee” (Top 3 Finalist) Gospel Choice Awards 2009
“Best Male Artist" Nominee YGEA (Youth Gospel Entertainment & Arts) Awards 2009
"Male Rap Artist" Nominee Resa Mitchell Report Awards 2009

Performed at Dr.Myles Munroe's "Youth Alive 2009" Conference in Nassau, Bahamas

Featured Article on Examiner.com Oct 2009 by: East Atlanta Village Nightlife Examiner
Featured in Zoe Life Magazine (Emerging Artist Spotlight) Mar 2009
Real Talk Tour 2008 (Lake Charles, La) w/ Byron L. Broussard & Go2

Performed for "Praise the Lord" TBN Taping in Panama City, FL 2006